Something classic, interesting and downright satisfying: A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza

It’d be a bold move to claim that a single list could encompass the best slices of Brooklyn pizza. Essentially a grace land for those who relish the classic pies made of cheese sauce and dough, this New York City borough simply has too many amazing restaurants for classic elitist ranking. However, to lend a sure hand to those who are lost at sea with the plethora of options, we’ve decided to share a few examples of our favorite places to enjoy a slice of pizza in Brooklyn.

781 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Barboncino is the bee’s knees. In addition to a lively atmosphere complete with loyal customers and a full bar, they offer some of the most delicious slices of pizza one can find in New York.

Some favorites include the plain margherita pizza, which is put together nicely with organic Italian tomatoes and fior di latte. The neopolitan meatballs pizza is also out of this world. Using meatballs made in house, Barboncino adds in some parmigiano reggiano to this simple, savory and filling pie.

261 Moore St

Many young and hip residents of Brooklyn will tell you that Roberta’s is the place to be. Equipped with a full outdoor garden, classic sit-down dining and open picnic style seating, several bars and an avidly energetic crowd, there are a lot of intriguing aspects of this pizzeria. The most satisfying of these offerings is their pizza.

With their delicious pies being the source of Roberta’s fame and love, the pizza lives up to the hype. An eclectic menu includes many delightful combinations and a wild toppings list including prosciutto crudo and pork sausage. The fennel fantasy, complete with pork sausage, fennel, melville and pistachio is one of the must try slices.

J & V Pizzeria
6322 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Johnny and Vincent were the first guys to sell pizza by the slice in Bensonhurst. Pioneers in the evolution of serving great pizza at affordable prices, J & V’s Pizzeria stand tall on their history with some of the most coveted slices available in Brooklyn.

They serve round pies and square pies with a satisfying variety of toppings. Stop in to this age-old joint and really get a taste for what Brooklyn pizza was, what it is and what it will always be.