Cherry blossom season draws droves of visitors to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG) each spring. But the garden has 12,000 other species of plants, hundreds of which also bloom in the springtime. If you’re visiting Brooklyn soon and find yourself at the BBG, here are some spring flowers you might see.


Vibrant pink and yellow daffodil bulbs light up the Rock Garden at the BBG for two months or longer each spring. By the time you read this, they should already be very much in bloom.

Dutch Crocus

Dutch Crocus, one of the hardiest garden plants known to humankind, bloom early in the spring. You’ll find white and possibly lilac crocus blooms on the terrace outside the steinhardt Conservatory.

Flowering Apricot

One of the earliest trees to bloom in the BBG, the Flowering Apricot’s six-to-eight week blooming period is nearly over for the year. If you make it to the BBG soon, you may still catch this tree’s scarlet-and-white blooms in the Shakespeare Garden.

Flowering Quince

Another early blooming tree, the Flowering Quince blooms a brilliant salmon-pink or scarlet. You can find this tree, along with the Flowering Quince Bonsai, in the BBG’s dedicated Bonsai Museum.

Higan Cherry

New York City was buzzing with talk about the cherry blossoms that bloomed “out of season”in December 2015 at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Actually, this wasn’t out of the ordinary. Higan Cherry trees, which you can find in the BBG’s Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, typically blossom in the fall and spring.

Japanese Pieris

Known as the ‘Valley Rose,’ this tree’s large white blooms are generally best viewed in spring. You’ll find them in the BBG’s Rock Garden.


For a taste of the Dutch countryside in spring, visit the BBG’s Annual Border soon to see red, white, and yellow blooms.

White Candle

The Whitfieldia elongata can bloom year-round, but May is usually the prime time to see this large white bloom at the BBG.