Roberta’s is arguably the most famous pizza place in Brooklyn right now, which says a lot in the borough known for having some of the best dough, sauce, and cheese in the world. What’s with all the hype? It’s all strung together by these 6 reasons why we love Roberta’s Pizza.

The Garden

They have a sweet backyard where communal picnic tables make for casual dining with friends or even strangers. When the weather is warm and the music is playing, there’s no better spot to indulge in a slice and a beer.

The Neighborhood

Located in the Morgan Ave area of Bushwick, Roberta’s, simply put,  is in the middle of a lot of cool stuff. From summer art galleries to pop up trailer thrift shops to a bevy of bars and other restaurants, it’s a solid place to explore hip BK.

The Famous Original

The Famous Original is Roberta’s flagship pizza. The wood-fired dough, as with all of their slices, has a crisp outside and doughy interior. Its topped off with tomato, mozzarella, caciocavallo, oregano and chili.

All the Other Slices

Beyond the outstanding original, Roberta’s has a few more all-star pies. The Sgt. Pepper comes with mozzarella, parmigiano, pork sausage, cilantro, shishito peppers, and chili. The family jewels has the same cheeses, but finishes off with heirloom tomato and prosciutto breadcrumbs.

The Guests

Roberta’s prestige is not only constructed by the local hipsters who flock their nightly, but also by some high profile guests who’ve also found its charm. From Jay-Z and Beyonce to the Clintons, this romantic pizza joint in Brooklyn has attracted some serious power couples.

Food Beyond Pizza

Roberta’s is more than a pizzeria, it’s an upscale restaurant with dishes like smoked ribs, linguine alla gricia, duck prosciutto and coffee roasted beets. Their prix-fixe chef’s table Blanca out back is an even more intense destination for foodies, as it’s earned two Michelin stars in its time serving.

image via flickr