When pastry chef Fany Gerson opened the small Dough Bakery in Brooklyn five years ago, she unknowingly launched a doughnut revolution in New York City. Gaining recognition selling her sweets at Brooklyn Flea, Gerson has built a cult following. And no wonder—her specialty takes on the morning’s guiltiest pleasure are truly revelatory. Here are our favorite doughnuts from Gerson’s Dough Bakery.

Tropical Chili

The sweet tastes of mango, papaya, guava and pineapple over the warm, rich dough makes for an uncommonly refreshing doughnut. Throw in that hint of spicy chili, and this treat’s dynamism acts like a new toy for your taste buds.

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Hitting the nail on the head with its sweet and savory balance, the chocolate salted caramel doughnut soothes your inner child’s coco cravings with a sophisticated twist. Mediterranean sea-salt provides crunchy texture and sharp flavor to the gooey French caramel and Belgian dark chocolate pastry.


Dough doughnuts get elegant with this attractive pink frosted creation with an airy floral taste of imported Mexican hibiscus. A flavor more commonly reserved for tea, the flower works just as well on a doughnut—lucky us.

Toasted Coconut

The name is misleading—this doughnut comes topped with both toasted coconut and a coconut glaze as well. The creamy glaze has that one of a kind sweetness found in a pina colada, while the toasted coconut shavings provide a nice smoky crunch.

Lemon Ginger

The zesty lemon glaze will have you feeling like summer, and the infusions of ginger don’t hurt either. Candied ginger on top make this a spicy-sweet favorite.


The true test of any bakery is how well it handles the classics. Dough’s traditional glazed doughnut delivers in spades, with a generous heap of the house-made sugary sauce on top of the pastry.

image via flickr