As Brooklynites, we will be the first to tell you that there many things to do in downtown Brooklyn and we have so much more to offer than our neighboring boroughs. Brooklyn has a rich history, built on the backbone of the hard working immigrant – and it is paying off! Brooklyn has become a major hub of culture, art, gastronomy and shopping making some of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods the most up-and-coming in New York City. But above all else, what makes Brooklyn thrive is the borough’s high sense of community.

Our core values are centered on the locals in our storied neighborhoods, sharing their history, tradition and culture. To bring our values to life, NU Hotel has partnered with several Brooklyn companies to bring you, our guest, the most authentic Brooklyn experience possible.

Brewklyn Grind


The search for the perfect cup of coffee is over with the arrival of Brewklyn Grind.  This Red Hook shop was founded by three brothers who roasted their first batch in their Brooklyn apartment. This hobby quickly became a delicious obsession that we savor each morning. All their coffee is made from 100% certified Arabica beans, roasted in small batches – guaranteeing freshness in every bag.

Nu Hotel Brooklyn has the privilege to serve their coffee with our complimentary breakfast.

Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery is an urban winery that crafts boutique small batch wine right in our backyard. NU Hotel is the only hotel in Brooklyn allowed to serve their product – and we couldn’t be more honored. Below is list of some of the wines that you can taste in our Brooklyn boutique hotel:

  • Stainless Steel Aged Riesling – Captures the essence of Riesling with tropical aromatics
  • Stainless Steel Aged Chardonnay – Has a juicy minerality and long clean finish
  • Russian River Pinot Noir – Showcases true refinement and depth of fruit.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – A cool 2011 vintage is  a classic rendition of valley floor Cabernet reminiscent of great wines from the 1970’s

Brooklyn Republic Vodka

Brooklyn is all about combing various passions to create something unique and distinct. Brooklyn Republic Vodka does just that. They are a family-owned company dedicated to combining two of their favorite things: vodka and Brooklyn. They create their vodka through the selecting the finest grains to make their small batch of vodka right here in Brooklyn. The best part, outside of the smooth taste- there are absolutely no additives.

Be sure to try one of our signature cocktails designed by Milos with Brooklyn Republic Vodka at our bar and lounge, Misdemeanor.

Brooklyn Cruisers

nu_hotel_brooklyn_Brooklyn Cruisers

Getting around New York City can be an adventure – and what better way to travel and see the things to do in downtown Brooklyn than on your very own Brooklyn Cruiser. Brooklyn Cruisersmirror the same iconic qualities of Brooklyn itself – accessibility, durability, and original style. NU Cruisers were designed exclusively for our guests to use while they are in town. For Brooklynites, riding means commuting, socializing, and getting things done. We give you the wheels so you can experience Brooklyn our way with the support of our friends at Brooklyn Cruisers.